Youth Work Newcomer of the Year
Youth Work Advocate of the Year
Youth Work Supervisor of the Year

Youth workers are often the unsung heroes of the youth within our communities. They have a direct impact on the lives of our youth and often wear many hats- mentor, educator, counselor, and friend. Indiana Youth Services Association (IYSA) is pleased to support three annual Youth Work Awards. Please join us in honoring our colleagues in the field by nominating someone for these awards. By nominating, you are recognizing an individual who is improving and shaping the lives of youth and youth workers in our state. A monetary gift will accompany all IYSA awards.

The awards categories are:

Youth Work Newcomer of the Year (less than 5 years in the field): This award recognizes those new emerging leaders in the field of youth work whose passion and contributions have made a positive contribution to the lives of youth and families, or their co-workers, programs, or agencies.

Youth Work Advocate of the Year: This award recognizes an individual who gives voice to the needs of youth and families, or their co-workers, programs, or agencies. This professional serves as an advocate and has provided unselfish service to the youth and field of youth work.

Youth Work Supervisor of the Year: This award will honor a supervisor who serves as a guide or mentor
to staff, encourages the growth and development of individual youth workers as they grow and
develop innovative programs to best meet the needs of young people.


Who is eligible for nomination?
Any paid staff members (full-time or part-time) currently working in Indiana youth organizations. Volunteers are not eligible. Teachers are only eligible for nomination for their paid involvement in non-school based programs.

Who can nominate a youth worker?
Anyone can nominate a youth worker – youth, parent of youth, supervisor, co-worker, and community members! Self-nominations will not be accepted. Any person may nominate more than one youth worker for each award.

How do I submit my nomination?
Complete this online nomination form –

Nomination Deadline: Monday, October 25, 2021

IYSA supports the professionalization of youth care work through CYC Credentialing. Certified CYC Practitioners are professionals who have demonstrated commitment, experience, skills and knowledge that exceed current regulatory standards in five core competencies: Professionalism, Cultural and Human Diversity, Applied Human Development, Relationships and Communication, and Developmental Practice Methods. For more information, please see