Callie Main is one of the scholarship winners for the work she did to promote Make Good Decisions and the Indiana Lifeline Law at Batesville High School. Callie joined the Make Good Decisions committee this year and formed a small group at her high school, but they faced challenges initially because of similar groups in the area. However, this did not prevent Callie and her fellow students from creating fun ways to reach the students in her area. Callie lead her group to find unique ways to promote Make Good Decisions and spread awareness about the dangers of underage drinking. One event that she and fellow students established was a popcorn giveaway event. To promote the event her committee made posters and flyers, and they typed up information about Make Good Decisions and the Lifeline law to staple to the bags of popcorn. Posters were also placed on the tables so that people in line could learn while waiting. Additionally, Callie prepared a trivia game to play with the people waiting in line. Not many of the people participating were familiar with the Lifeline Law, so this was a fun and unique way to keep people entertained while also spreading education and awareness. The event was a huge success with all 300 bags of popcorn being gone and all attendees leaving educated about Make Good Decisions and the Lifeline Law.

Callie and her committee were also in the process of planning a game day in a local park to further spread awareness and education before COVID-19 occurred. Due to this, Callie was unable to hold the game day, but the plans for the event were still a fun way to engage kids and teenagers with information about underage drinking and prevention. Some of the games that would have occurred include a ball toss with goggles that simulate what it is like to be drunk, trivia focused on the symptoms and effects of drugs, and various competitive games to showcase how alcohol and drugs are not needed to have fun. Although this event was unable to occur, Callie did not let isolation stop her from trying to promote Make Good Decisions and the Lifeline Law in her community. She reached out to a local movie theatre and was granted permissions to put up a message on their marquis stating: “Suspect Alcohol Poisoning? Call or text 911. MGD IN LifeLine Law.” Callie truly appreciates the experience she has had educating and promoting awareness about underage drinking throughout her community.