The Journey is a collection of programs devoted to the personal and professional development of youth workers in Indiana and beyond. 


The Executive Journey Fellowship

The Executive Journey Fellowship is a year-long program for youth-serving professionals of influence. Each year up to 30 leading youth workers are nominated and selected to create a learning community and attend four in-state retreats to invest in their own personal growth and professional development. The intention is to help transform the profession and field of youth work by grounding leaders in who they are, building a professional community, and inspiring the beliefs of those who dream and do on behalf of young people.

Students in Youth Work Since 2005, The Journey Fellowship for Students Program has provided a unique opportunity for students to explore careers working with youth while becoming more grounded and confident in who they are.

New Professionals in Youth Work Since 2002, The Journey has engaged in building the field of youth work in Indiana, offering fellowships for students, executives and new professionals and programs including The International Youth Worker Exchange, Competencies and Credentials for Youth Workers, The Leadership Symposium on The Sea, and International Thank A Youth Worker Day.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Indiana Youth Services Association is committed to proactively working to advance racial equity, focusing on eliminating inequities and increasing success for all in our agency and our community!

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