The Journey is a collection of programs devoted to the personal and professional development of youth workers in Indiana and beyond. 


International Youth Worker Exchange

Since 2005, The Journey has sponsored and led the International Youth Worker Exchange.  This cross-cultural personal and professional experience enables Hoosier youth workers to broaden their awareness of the practice of youth development in other countries.

With the intent of developing partnerships with sister countries around the world, Indiana youth workers travel outside the state to build life-long relationships, share best practices in youth work, consider how professional youth worker networks enhance the field and explore how academic preparation and credentialing is approached for youth workers in other countries. Living in our ever-growing global society, youth workers in Indiana seek to gain a better appreciation to think, act, and relate globally.

Exchanges from 2005-2019

  • 2005   United Kingdom and the Community and Youth Worker Union
  • 2007   Oloolaimutia School in Massai Marra &  Kariua School in Nairobi, Kenya
  • 2009   Calnali, Mexico, Friends of Hidalgo
  • 2012   Calgary – Canmore, Canada,   YMCA & International Child and Youth Care Conference
  • 2014   Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand & Melbourne and Sydney, Australia
  • 2016   Vienna, Austria, 33rd FICE Conference and CYC World Conference
  • 2019   Dublin, Republic of Ireland and Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 2021   TBA

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Indiana Youth Services Association is committed to proactively working to advance racial equity, focusing on eliminating inequities and increasing success for all in our agency and our community!

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