Make Good Decisions

Educating Teens about the Indiana Lifeline Law.


“Knowledge is Life—A Process of Regress to Progress” ~~Brett Finbloom~~

2022 sure has a ring to it!! It also marks 10 years since the Indiana Lifeline Law was passed. The Indiana Lifeline Law provides that a person is immune from arrest or prosecution for certain alcohol offenses if the arrest or prosecution is due to the person: (1) reporting a medical emergency; (2) being the victim of a sex offense; or (3) witnessing and reporting what the person believes to be a crime.  Ultimately, call 911 to report it, stay, and cooperate.

“Don’t Repress. Vocalize, Question. Most of all retain Lessons.” ~~Brett Finbloom~~

Approximately 1 month after the Indiana Lifeline Law passed, it tragically failed to save Brett Finbloom’s life. 

Why did this law not save Brett’s life? The passing of some laws can only do so much.  It’s the education and understanding of these laws that makes the real difference. Unfortunately, Brett’s friends did NOT #KnowEnough nor understand what the Indiana Lifeline Law entailed and that they could Call/Txt for Help, Stay, and Cooperate and NOT have any Legal consequences for their underage drinking choices.  Make Good Decisions is the educational initiative that ensures that the Indiana Lifeline Law is known and understood by every new batch of teens and those who care about them.  2022 also marks the 10th Anniversary of Brett’s passing and we ask you to join us in #DoBetter4Brett. This is not just a New Year’s Resolution, it’s a process to progress.  Don’t repress the progress.  Ask yourself, “What can I do better?” Maybe that’s adding something to #LiveBetter4Brett or maybe it’s changing or negating something to #LiveBetter4Brett.  The choice is yours!  Let’s continue educating and celebrating Brett’s life together! 


Our goal is to get as many people as possible to honor Brett by doing better – something for themselves or someone else.

Make the call for someone in need
Drink more water / eat healthier
Watch TV with family or friends
Smile at someone you don’t know

Share what you are doing by posting it on social media and use the #DoBetter4Brett hashtag.

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