Make Good Decisions

Educating Teens about the Indiana Lifeline Law.



College scholarships of $1250 each are awarded each year to deserving Indiana High School seniors who have shared with classmates and/or the community details about the Indiana Lifeline Law and the Make Good Decisions message regarding the dangers and consequences of underage alcohol use and binge drinking. These scholarships serve as both an incentive and thanks to students who reach out to their peers to share this lifesaving information. Students are encouraged to plan ahead to have sufficient time to complete a project prior to applying.

The Make Good Decisions program seeks to:

  • Teach teens and the community about the dangers and consequences of underage alcohol and drug use, including the signs of alcohol poisoning and drug overdose.
  • Spread the word about the Indiana Lifeline Law. This law gives immunity from prosecution for underage drinking to those who call or text 911 to report any crime or medical emergency and to everyone present who assists the caller and stays and cooperates with first responders.

Here are ideas to get you started:

Hold a school convocation – Invite Dawn Finbloom or Indiana Senator Jim Merritt to an event at your school where they talk about the dangers of binge drinking and outline the Indiana Lifeline Law. Promote the event by reaching out to your classmates, hanging informational posters, and handing out wristbands.

Add the Make Good Decisions message to another event at your school – Students on the Carmel High School Men’s Soccer team have been successful promoting the program via their annual Pack the House Night soccer game. Is there an event at your school that you could adapt to include the MGD message?

Create a contest at your school – Clubs or individuals can host poster contests, t-shirt design contests, or informational video contests to see which student or student team can best convey the Make Good Decisions and the Indiana Lifeline Law messages. Share the contest entries with your classmates, on social media, and through local newspapers.

Share your creative work – Write and publically share an essay, skit, or spoken word poem about the dangers of underage drinking and how it is relevant to you and other students. Follow with discussion.

Invent a project of your own – The above ideas are just  a start.  You likely know how to reach out to your classmates. Create a project that you feel would work for your community.


  • Please use the resources available on this website to find out more about the Make Good Decisions program, obtain handouts or wristbands for your project, or to request a speaker. Email us at mwhelchel@indysb.org for details or requests.
  • Don’t do it alone. Most colleges and employers are looking for leaders. Leaders don’t do everything themselves, but instead work with others to get work accomplished. Team up with friends, the student council, clubs, or a sports team to plan and implement your project.
  • Publicize your project. On social media, remember to tag photos or messages with #txt911Lifeline, #MakeGoodDecisions, and #[yourschoolname]. Don’t forget to also reach out to the school newspaper or radio and local news sources.


  • Batesville High School – Apply for the Batesville HS IYSA Make Good Decisions Scholarship here, or use the blue Apply Now button on this page. Applications are due May 1, 2022
  • Carmel High School – Apply for Brett Finbloom Memorial Scholarship though the Carmel Education Foundation here. Applications are due March 19, 2021. 

If you are interested in applying for the Make Good Decisions Scholarship, click the link below to complete the application form. The application due date is May 1st each year for most applicants.




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